Helen Trompeteler

Camera Portraits is the website of photography curator Helen Trompeteler, featuring news of her current research, reviews and recommendations. The site is also an online archive of Helen’s exhibitions and publications.

At the National Portrait Gallery, London, Helen has contributed research to major exhibitions including Man Ray Portraits (NPG, 2013) and curated a diverse range of historical and contemporary displays, including Michael Peto Photographs: Mandela to McCartney (NPG, 2013) Fred Daniels: Cinema Portraits (NPG, 2013), Spotlight on Peter Rand (NPG, 2012), Mick Jagger: Young in the 60s (NPG, 2011), From Where I Stand: Photographs by Mary McCartney (NPG, 2010) and Jane Bown: Exposures (NPG, 2009).

As an independent curator Helen regularly works with galleries, publishers, and organisations engaging with photography. She has worked as a selector on exhibitions and projects with organisations including the Association of Photographers, London Independent Photography, Miniclick and Source Photographic Review. Her writing has appeared in magazines including Aesthetica, Of the Afternoon and Photomonitor.

E-mail: mail@camera-portraits.com

Twitter: @htrompeteler


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